GrassRoots Sports Star

This New Revolutionary Interactive Service is an exciting platform to share information, assist youth development at grassroots level and focus on a never ending passion for football.

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  • Premium source of health and fitness information
  • File sharing
  • Interactive recognition
  • Competitions & rewards
  • Club scout platform
  • Community sports information
  • Personal development profile
  • Community bragging rights
  • Summer tournaments & more..

GrassRoots Sports Star (G.R.S.S.) is here to encourage all the family to a healthy lifestyle through sport to ignite a greater participation on the younger generations at grassroots level. We here at G.R.S.S. are proud to provide users with an exciting opportunity to gain monthly reward and recognition from users uploading their sporting attributes, positively integrating with the users other social requirements.

GrassRoots Sports Star CIC is a framing tool to benefit community cohesion through practical sport. This organisational communications infrastructure will create peer to peer learning and promote self development. Health and fitness through participation will spearhead our goal. Positive recognition is at our forefront, leading to greater self worth individually and to motivate a wider audience fundamentally as part of our core responsibility and social outcome.

Mission Statement!